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Happy New Year from all the Future Foundations team.  We have reflected on 2016 and what an incredible year it has been, we have collated our top 10 achievements and included below.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our network, clients and partners for their time, energy and passion.  Together we have helped 1000s of young people move towards achieving their full potential.



We said hello and goodbye to incredible people

Michelle joined us as our Senior Projects Manager early in the year and has overseen the delivery of countless programmes making a huge impact!  Louis and Fran took our National Citizen Service (“NCS”) summer programmes by storm. Unfortunately Louis’ demanding university course and Fran’s dreams of living by the beach meant they have had to leave our team.  Simon joined the FF team as our full time regional NCS manager in October.  Stephen replaced Olivia as our apprentice on the Step Forward scheme.  Sarah project managed our Chrysalis Summer School alongside her demanding school role!  Lucy managed numerous short term deliveries and became our regional manager for Sussex.  Ella project managed the Junior Social Apprentice as a short term project.  Mark project managed the Excelerator as a short term project.  Amy led the planning and operations for McKinsey as a short term project. Alice has gone on maternity leave and we are pleased to share has a new baby boy, called Rory! We are excited to announce that we have a second apprentice joining our team (Nathan), as a member of our NCS Regional Team, he has started today – watch out for an announcement and introduction on the FF Network Facebook.


We celebrated an incredible 2015 with our annual celebration and awards

Click here for a recap of our 2015 FF awards, and make sure to put Saturday 25th March in your diary for our 2016 awards! More details coming out soon.

3 & 4

We delivered a huge range of school based programmes across the country

Check out our news articles summarising our programmes ranging from leadership days, to summer schools, to mentor training!  Thank you to all our network for travelling the country – and indeed to those who went internationally – to deliver our programmes!

Our partnership Summer School received a glowing external evaluation 

Professor Tristram Hooley concluded that “The Chrysalis Summer School helps students enhance their confidence, skills and improve their knowledge about higher education and future careers. The programme plays a critical part in unlocking students’ potential and supporting able, but less advantaged, students to succeed and progress.”  Click here to find out more and download the full evaluation.


We took our Summer School offer to China with LovVol

We are proud to have worked in partnership with LovVol, to support the design and delivery of three summer schools in China for the first time, led by Lina Akbar.  Click here to read about the programme. Plans are now in place for these camps to grow and we expect to be able to offer a number of opportunities for our network to deliver programmes for us in China in 2017: watch out for workpacks!


The quality of our social action was recognised at the NCS national conference & we were congratulated for outstanding Autumn performance

Our NCS programme was highlighted for high quality social action projects at the nationwide NCS Annual Conference!!  Well done to all our staff for inspiring our young people to make an impact in their local community.  We have also been recognised as a high performing provider of NCS with a letter of commendation from Gary Buxton, Director of Youth Services at Ingeus UK.  He said: “I am writing to acknowledge your consistently strong performance on the delivery of the National Citizen Service on behalf of Ingeus.  Future Foundations exceeded contractual expectations for both conversion from Sign Up to Turn Up and from Turn Up to Completion in Autumn 2016. This performance is to be commended and we thank you and your team for your hard work in achieving this result. Thank you once again for your dedication and commitment to delivering the NCS programme and your positive contribution to the lives of the Young People in your area.” This success has led to an increase in numbers for 2017, we are expecting to deliver the NCS programme for 400 young people this Summer!  Workpacks will be released soon to our network to sign up before we start external recruitment for roles.


Global Social Leaders developed from one programme into a movement!

Our first GSL programme is now called the ‘GSL World Summit’, and has become one of three programmes we deliver under the GSL banner.  In 2016 we ran our first GSL three-day Catalyst programme in partnership with United Learning at Wellington College and delivered a one-day LaunchPad programme with students attending from 20 schools across the country.  See ‘achievement 10!’ below for our details of two more Catalyst programmes run in China! Visit our recently launched GSL website to find out more! We have also launched with support from the RSA, GSL Society, a new ‘school club’ established by GSL alumni to embed high quality social action projects within their schools and communities.



Iggy Bright Futures

We piloted a new partnership programme in partnership with IGGY at the University of Warwick.  Students from across the country attended a Bright Futures 2-day weekend programme in December.  We plan to repeat and grow this programme next December!


Future Solutions received glowing client reviews

Behind our people, are great systems… FF is powered by Future Solutions which has gone from strength to strength with like-minded organisations coming on board as clients of our newly launched sister company with glowing reviews and feedback coming in.  As we look to scale and increase our impact, we need underlying systems that work, we are excited about how much these have developed during 2016 and have big plans for 2017 services.  We need your feedback on your experience of our systems, so please do include in your feedback your experience of our ‘workpack’ system and online ‘contracts’ as examples of how FS is supporting FF to streamline our processes.

I can't recommend Future Solutions enough.

Working with Future Solutions was a great experience from start to finish.


GSL Catalyst launched in China at Wellington International Shanghai and Tianjin

To finish the year in the way we wish to start 2017, we ran our first GSL programme in China…twice!  Click here to read all about it. Plans are already afoot for a bigger/bolder programme in Shanghai in December 2017!

Thank you again to our network, clients and partners for being part of our team that enabled us to achieve so much in 2016.  We are making BIG plans for 2017 and need you to support us.