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Download the external evaluation report from the University of Derby (pdf)

Future Foundations and Highgate School are proud to share an external evaluation carried out of the Chrysalis Summer School, by the International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby which concluded:

“The Chrysalis Summer School helps students enhance their confidence, skills and improve their knowledge about higher education and future careers. The programme plays a critical part in unlocking students’ potential and supporting able, but less advantaged, students to succeed and progress.”

Professor Tristram Hooley 

The Chrysalis Summer School began in 2008 with funds secured from the then Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF). It is organised by Highgate School and Future Foundations in partnership with twenty-six schools from across the boroughs of Haringey, Camden, Ealing, Newham and Barnet.

The philosophy which underpins the partnership is the idea that there is not enough genuine subject-specific extension work for the brightest pupils, nor support for, and shared expertise in applications to selective universities.

“We are proud to have worked with Highgate School since 2008 to deliver this life changing programme for young people from so many schools across North London which has helped inform their choices and prepare them for life after school”

Jonathan Harper FRSA, CEO, Future Foundations

Schools who make up the Chrysalis Partnership
Participants in the last 2 years

Download the external evaluation report from the University of Derby (pdf)

One of the notable features about the feedback from participants is the regularity with which they discussed the way in which the Chrysalis Summer School had enhanced their subject knowledge and strengthened their resolve to pursue the subject further.

A destinations survey of those who participated in the programme and have left school confirmed that the students who participated in the Chrysalis Summer School go on to study at leading institutions.

Students who participate in the programme are: more confident at the end of the programme than at the beginning; better able to understand the importance of taking risks; able to lead; energised about their futures; and inspired to contribute more at their school and/or local community.
All of the evidence reviewed in this evaluation was positive.

“The programme is well designed and delivered, popular with the young people it serves and receives glowing feedback in which participants attest to its transformative potential. Alumni of the programme have returned to be Ambassadors and are now tutors on the programme.”

Professor Tristram Hooley

It was amazing. The summer school in itself gave me the opportunity to actually understand myself. Before the summer school I was very confused on what path I wanted to take after college but through the summer school I’ve realised I want to go to university. I honestly do not believe I would have come to this decision without Chrysalis’ help.

Ola Adedokun2015 School Participant

I gained the confidence to apply to Oxford University because of the support they gave me with preparing for the interview process. Additionally the summer school helped me to think about longer term plans and what I want from life.

Maya Eadie-Catling, 2015 Year 12 Summer School Participant

Students who felt that the summer school had informed their future direction

Students who felt that that they had been helped to make both educational and career choices.

Students who now felt more able to realise their ambitions

Download the external evaluation report from the University of Derby (pdf)

Highgate School is committed to its Chrysalis programme of partnership teaching which provides engaging educational opportunities to pupils in over forty schools across the London area, including the Chrysalis Summer School which continues to grow in popularity every year. This is a very exciting year for Highgate as we launch a new state sixth form called The London Academy of Excellence, Tottenham in September 2017. This new school will provide a robust academic sixth form to pupils in Haringey and neighbouring boroughs and will follow in the footsteps of its very successful sister school The London Academy of Excellence, Stratford. We are excited to expand our partnership offer even further and to continue our work to inspire London’s young people to pursue academic excellence. We welcome this evaluation which confirms the value of the Chrysalis Summer School, as our programme of partnership work moves closer to its ten year anniversary and into an exciting new chapter with the LAE Tottenham.

Sarah ButterworthHighgate School Partnership Teaching Coordinator

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many teachers, tutors and coaches who have worked on the programme and helped to make it a unique and transformational experience every year. This external evaluation is testament to their hard work and commitment to help young people reach their full potential and we look forward to continuing to work with Highgate to develop the programme further.

Jonathan Harper FRSACEO, Future Foundations

If you want to find out more about Highgate’s School Chrysalis Partnership click here.

Download the full report from the University of Derby (pdf)

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