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We are excited to share we are supporting the delivery of a new programme called “Inspiring Future” in partnership with LovVol taking place this Summer in Shanghai, China.

LovVol aims to improve university students’ understanding of China. They want to inspire the next generation of Chinese children to learn English. They strive to establish all-round education syllabi to complement Chinese children’s usual classroom experience and promote their emotional and intellectual development. Through their programmes, university students from across the globe are able to explore Chinese culture and contribute to international relations.

Future Foundations are providing our expertise in delivering high quality summer schools.  We will be providing a lead coach who will oversee the summer school content delivery, certification for students participating and training for the LovVol volunteers.

The programme is designed to give the students a holistic education and will cover a range of subject matters and employ a variety of educational techniques, such as etiquette training, team building exercises and coaching.

“We are excited to support LovVol with the development and delivery of quality summer schools in China. This programme will enable Future Foundations to share our expertise with students who would not be in a position to come to the UK”

Jon Harper, CEO, Future Foundations


We will be releasing opportunities to be our lead coach and create content for this programme shortly on our network page  for current staff.  We will also be opening up these opportunity to external recruitment and will release on our Join Our Team page shortly.

If you would like to volunteer on this programme please visit this link and apply direct to LovVol now:  Please note there are limited spaces left.

If you would like more information about this programme please contact:

Jon Harper, CEO,