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Ambit After-School Programme


Last Autumn, Future Foundations delivered six bespoke after-school programmes at Townley Grammar School. Entitled Ambit (meaning ‘wingspan’ in Ancient Greek), the programme was designed to help the schools pupils spread their wings and support them in discovering spheres of interest once unknown to them.

To aid the students in discovering a new world for themselves, Ambit provided a wide range of extracurricular opportunities which complemented Townley Grammar Schools’ new curriculum, focused on 21st century skills. Five separate courses were delivered on Monday afternoons, starting on the 11th of November, from 2.45 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. These were…

Creators Club
Theatre and Drama
Digital Games Design
Global Social Leaders Society
E-motion Public Speaking

Those who attended the after-school courses were a mix of 70 students from all year groups, meaning that the majority did not know each other at the start, therefore having the opportunity to make new friends. Each course had its own certificate, and the students performed a showcase to one another at the end to close the programme.

All activities were led by expert external facilitators who traveled to Townley to deliver. They were supported throughout the programme by Future Foundations staff Lina Akbar, Michelle Horne and Alice Curran. Details of each course and their leaders are outlined below.


A Few of AMBIT’s Overall Statistics:

of participants felt they were able to share their ideas with new people
of participants felt they could be creative
of participants had fun on the programme

Creators Club

Creators Club was a creativity course developed by design thinking facilitators who helped to create a safe space to be creative, and to come up with solutions to a real-life project.

The Lead Facilitators were Andy Dunn (published author & creative consultant for Adidas) and Sam McHale-North (pictured right).

Click here to read more about the Creators Club movement!

I have grown more eager to share my thoughts and I think I have been able to work better in a team

AnonymousCreators Club Participant

Theatre and Drama

Students used theatre as a tool to explore issues faced by young people, providing a platform to voice their opinions creatively. The course focused specifically on team work, confidence building and self- expression.

The Lead Facilitator was Katherine Wyatt, who trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (pictured right). 

My teacher was amazing, full of energy, and it inspired me so much. I wish she was my actual teacher in school!

AnonymousTheatre and Drama Participant

Digital Games Design

Digital Games design was a specialist course that combined art and gaming and detailed how they can be brought to life through technology. The students created games based on something they were passionate about, using the online game editor Bitsy.

The Lead Facilitator was Bokani Tshidzu, a painter and digital artist as seen on BBC The Big Painting Challenge (pictured left). 

Please click here to read about Bokani’s work!

I got to work and be friends with new people as well as create a game

AnonymousDigital Game Design Participant

Global Social Leaders Society

Global Social Leaders Society was a course in social action project planning, which focused specifically on climate change. Participants were supported to enter a global project competition entitled the Global Goals Competition.

The Lead Facilitator was Nadia Sabiny, an award winning Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Health and Fitness Specialist, Boxing Trainer and Mentor (pictured right). 


I got to use all of my ideas and do something I was really passionate about

AnonymousGlobal Social Leaders Society Participant

E-motion Public Speaking

E-motion Public Speaking was a public speaking course designed to develop the students confidence and life skills including resilience and emotional literacy.

The Lead Facilitator was Jonny Baker, a Psychologist, Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist (pictured left). 

To read more about Jonny and his work, please click here.

We got to showcase our opinions on things and what we thought was important

AnonymousE-motion Public Speaking Participant

Click below for Ambit’s Key Statistics and Testimonials!

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