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Drishya Rao

Drishya has previously worked in India's education and development sector. She has designed and developed…
Michelle Horne
August 21, 2023


Charis joined Future Foundations in March 2023 as the programme coordinator for the AWS Get…
Michelle Horne
March 31, 2023


Indy is a Programme Manager for Global Social Leaders at Future Foundations. Her role focuses…
Michelle Horne
November 16, 2022


Matilda joined Future Foundations in July 2022. Matilda has a wide range of experience working…
Alice Curran
September 13, 2022


Jess joined Future Foundations in September 2021.  Jess brings a wide range of experience of…
Alice Curran
March 2, 2022


Louisa joined Future Foundations in January 2022 as a Programme Coordinator for the AWS GetIT…
Alice Curran
February 11, 2022


Jon is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Future Foundations. Jonathan is a graduate…
Michelle Horne
March 29, 2019


Michelle started her FF journey back in 2008 when she was at the University of…
Michelle Horne
September 26, 2018


Pete joined Future Foundations in 2009 and oversees the systems, processes and finances of the…
Michelle Horne
September 26, 2018