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Jess joined Future Foundations in September 2021.  Jess brings a wide range of experience of working in the charity and education sectors in the UK and East Africa including setting up new schools, managing schools and running capacity building programmes for school staff and government education officials.

Jess is passionate about the potential of young people to make the world a better place, and about the impact that learning to be a leader within their own lives and within wider society can have on helping young people grow and succeed in life. This is something she experienced first-hand when she was given the opportunity to participate in setting up a youth council in her town as a teenager which led to many opportunities including being elected as a trustee of the British Youth Council and appointed as an Executive Board member of the National Youth Agency when she was 18.   Outside FF Jess is currently a trustee of the EA Foundation and a governor of Wimbledon Park Primary Federation.  Jess is excited to be leading Future Foundation’s programmes which support the development of young people in a range of different ways, enabling them to reach their potential.