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Future Foundations is heading towards a big summer programme season with over 100 Network staff and volunteers who will deliver programmes for over 2000 young people.

During our programmes we challenge students to take responsibility for their future, to find their talents, and to contribute to society.

To prepare to inspire each other and our students about the difference we want to make, we challenged all our FF Network (including all past, present and future staff…) and our alumni (for a second year running) to Live Below the Line with an allowance of just £1 per person per day for all food and drink!

This is the extreme poverty line (adjusted to reflect the cost of living in the UK and inflation) that over 1.4 billion people have to live below across the world every day – over 20 times the total population of the UK.

times the population of the UK live below the poverty line

This year for a second year we have chose to support Childhope UK, an International children’s charity supporting street and working children, who believe all children deserve a life free from injustice and abuse.

For an insight into the challenge visit:

Live Below the Line is a huge challenge, so a big well done to Georgie Maddock, Will, Jon and Steph for completing and to Shereez who did most days…and is now starting Ramadan!