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June marks the launch the of the 2015 Legacy Careers Programme (LCP). There are 3 different programmes that run under the LCP umbrella and this month saw the Mentoring and Apprentice programme kick off in East London.
Read more about this incredible programme below:




The Legacy Mentoring Programme

On 17th June the Legacy Mentoring Programme launched with 13 Year 10’s and Year 12’s working with mentors from LLDC.

The students will attend 4 workshops from June to September and be supported with careers advice and goal setting.

The students were introduce to the Brightside mentoring online platform and the FF delivery team of Owen and John took them through Raising the Bar and Human Shield.

The mentees benefited from being able to talk through their career pathways with their new mentor.

They will now work through different online challenges until the final event on the 16th September.
It was fantastic to see such a high level of engagement and enthusiasm from the students and the mentors.

The Legacy Apprentice Programme

On the 16th June the Legacy Apprentice programme got off to a lively start at the LLDC Head Offices in East London.

Apprentices from the Olympic Park will attend 4 workshops from June to February where they are able to further develop skills and work experience alongside their jobs in the park.

Our fantastic delivery team of Laura and Olivia took the apprentices through several different sessions including:

  • Goal Setting
  • Comfort – Stretch – Panic Zones
  • Skills trade off

We’re looking forward to the next workshop already!