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Inspiring Extraordinary Careers

The Legacy Careers Project is delivered in East London schools, getting young people thinking about their careers, broaden their horizons and give them the confidence, skills and motivation to start to plan their futures. 

Students took part in Legacy Careers 2014

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Waltham Forest


Tower Hamlets

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Appointed to lead a consortium of partners by the London Legacy Development Corporation, we enable businesses operating in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to shape careers information, advice and guidance in schools, by linking IAG to real jobs that will be generated and to real students who may go into these jobs.

There are thousands of exciting opportunities for people to start and to build careers on and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Whether you want to be an architect, engineer, construction worker, plumber, electrician, TV broadcaster, producer, tour guide, chef, artist, doctor, scientist, curator, software developer, event manager, sports coach, accountant, hotel manager or set up your own tech enterprise, or boutique they’ll be an opportunity for you on the Park.

To get people ready for these opportunities we working with the London Legacy Development Corporation and consortium partners in East London schools.

To read more about the opportunities available on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park visit

What is Legacy Careers?

Education has a pivotal role to play in the regeneration of east London and the achievement of Convergence. If local people are to benefit from the employment opportunities that the transformation of the area offers then they must have the confidence, skills and aptitude to be able to compete with the best of London and beyond. This means starting with how young people make choices about their careers and their pathways into those careers.

Developed from the Legacy Careers Pilot Programme 2013 and the evaluation report published by the International Centre for Guidance Studies, the consortium has developed the 2 year  programme in schools to be more flexible and to provide resources, training and support to enable participating schools to adopt the programme in future years.


Today I learnt that you don’t need to know what you want to be! You go through stages to get to where you want to be.

Student, 2014

I would improve my education, and use it like a passport.

Student, 2013

The engagement of our students appeared to grow with the project.

Teacher, 2014

I was really impressed, great learning environment and extremely vibrant.

Teacher, 2013

You should follow what your heart says. Don't just sit there and wait until something comes to you. Right attitude will get you the right skills to get the right job.

Student, 2013

    The aim of the project is to inspire extraordinary careers, drawing on the spectrum of career opportunities that will be created in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, whether a producer for BT Sport or an Event Manager for the Stadium. Drawing on these jobs and the Future World Of Work Skills, the project will provide students in Year 8 with information about the required skills/experiences for these jobs during the first stage of the programme – Summer Term.

    The project then continues on with the young people in Year 9 to further develop their Future World of Work Skills through the Legacy Challenge, which challenges the young people to create and present a business plan for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Autumn Term.

    The project also develops a selected group of year 12 students who will take on a leadership role within the project in the form of Team Leaders, with no additional cost to the school. For schools that do not have a sixth form Team Leaders will be drawn from surrounding Sixth Forms, Colleges, the Legacy Youth Panel and university students at UCL and other local universities.


    Team Leaders are the Year 12, Sixth Form students who support the delivery of all sessions and activities, act as a mentor to the participants in the programme and ensure the programme runs smoothly by supporting all logistics and the set-up of the programme days.

    Team Leaders are a central part of ensuring the successful running of Legacy Careers and in inspiring the participants to succeed in the programme and in life.

    • Developing leadership & world of work skills while in a leadership role
    • Receiving information about the potential careers that are in the Park, with a stand out Team Leader winning the opportunity to gain some work experience in London Legacy Development Corporation.
    • Inspiring a younger generation to take more responsibility for their future
    • Participating in a project that has connections with opportunities in the Park
    • Have a chance at opportunities through the project like work placements, information and volunteering opportunities
    • An experience that can be added to your CV for future applications
    • Having fun while working on engaging activities
    • Developing a mentor relationship with younger students in the school
    • Opportunity to be mentored by a business volunteer on the separate Legacy Mentorign Programme

    Using opportunities that businesses are generating to help young people broaden career horizons and inspire career choices, Legacy Careers include business involvement in the programme. It will do this by creating on-line tools for young people to access business opportunity information, delivering career days in schools with business employeers and offering a mentoring scheme to post 16 year olds.

    We have created opportunities for businesses and business volunteers to get involved in the delivery of the Legacy Careers. These activities will be delivered in schools during the school day starting in the first stage which takes place within the school Summer Term, and then continuing on in the Autumn Term. Please see below for the options of how you can get involved in the Legacy Careers.

    Business Introductions (Afternoon, 1 hour):

    Visiting professionals deliver a talk on their current occupation, what their typical day looks like and answer any questions the young people may have.

    Business Challenge (Morning, 1 hour):

    A business will create a challenge that the young people will work together to achieve as teams. The challenge will need to include information about the Park and enable young people to be creative and develop their enterprise skills. This needs to be an activity for the full day and the business volunteer will only need to introduce it at the start of the day.

    Business Introductions (Morning, 1 hour):

    Visiting professionals deliver a talk on their current occupation, what their typical day looks like and answer any questions the young people may have.


    The Legacy Career project will enable young people to better understand their career options at the time they are making their academic and career choices by:

    • Using an experiential learning approach where participants learn from direct experiences and encounters with employers. The learning is informed by career information that is relevant to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and their wider local area.
    • Providing school pupils initially in Year 8 (following into Year 9) with information about the required skills/experiences for a variety of jobs on and around the Park and to develop a selected group of older students who will take on a leadership role and provide peer mentoring.
    • Delivering a mix of enrichment days in schools to broaden horizons and help prepare young people for the world of work, utilising business volunteers through Echo, the timebank for the Park and by other means.
    • Developing pathways by linking the programme with work experience placements and inspirational visits brokered with employers on and around the Park.

    What will Legacy Careers deliver?

    • A Legacy Careers online platform – produced digitally to communicate and excite young people about the opportunities on the park and wider area.
    • As part of the schools careers IAG pilot a selected group of year 12/13 students (aged 17-19) will take on a leadership role within the project, to start to create a system of peer-2-peer mentoring.
    • A bespoke careers IAG project for the Year 12 team leaders and the construction apprentices on the park to support them to plan and manage their careers, including mentoring and networking.
    • An independent evaluation to demonstrate how schools can deliver their new responsibilities for IAG effectively to drive-up attainment and enable young people to fulfil their full potential, to be promoted to schools and policy-makers.
    • A Careers Information Advice & Guidance (IAG) programme with 10 local schools in the neighbouring boroughs of Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets & Waltham Forest (young people aged 13-14). The programme will use the backdrop of the careers choices on the Park to inspire and empower young people to plan and manage their own futures (launch July 2015). This will culminate in a competition finale (December 2015).

    How to get involved in Legacy Careers?


    We envisage up to ten secondary schools within the neighbouring boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlet will participate in the Legacy Careers project in 2015. Three schools will be chosen to participate in the 4 day Legacy Careers programme.

    In order for Legacy Careers to be successful and have a sustainable impact in schools, the school needs to commit to the following:


    • A programme of four enrichment days that begins in July 2015 and continues in September, with the final event in December 2015
    • Future Foundations to manage and train the selected Year 12 students (Peer mentors) & provide peer mentors to schools that do not have a sixth form.
    • Identifying a group of teachers and a lead to help Future Foundations develop the teacher resources and to participate in teacher training sessions from June 2015 as part of their CPD, to enable them to develop the skills needed to deliver the Legacy Careers project in their schools from July 2015 with the support of FF Facilitators and continue to deliver it from July 2016.
    • Identifying teachers to deliver the course material with the support of an FF Facilitator (6-8 teachers)
    • Future Foundations to train all the selected teachers in the delivery of the project
    • All your current Year 8 students and the Year 12 selected students to be present on the 2 delivery days and a delivery afternoon
    • Supporting Future Foundations in the identifying and advertising of the peer mentor positions for Year 12(s)
    • Working with Future Foundations in identifying two consective days in July to deliver the Career Foundations and Insight into Business day
    • Working with Future Foundations in identifying one day in September / October to deliver Present yourself for success and You’re hired day
    • Working with Future Foundations in securing a date for the final day in November in order to deliver a Big Futures day
    • Arranging appropriate classrooms and one large room for the days of delivery

    Business Volunteers

    Business Volunteers will support us in inspiring local young people and preparing them for the world of work. As a business volunteer you will be involved in different activities such as business introductions, judging presentations, interviewing, and introducing business challenges. Each activity will give young people a valuable insight into the world of work.

    Please see below for the options of how you can get involved in Legacy Careers.

    Summer Term (July 2015)

    • Business Introductions
    • Business Challenge
    • Judge on Business Challenges
    • Business Workshop
    • Business Speaker
    • Mentor

    Autumn Term (Sept/ Oct/ Nov 2015)

    • Interviewer
    • Judge on Presentation Day
    • Mentor
    • Business Speaker
    • Business Engagement

    The Legacy Careers Programe and the Legacy Mentoring Programme is designed and delivered by a consortium led by Future Foundations, supported by Brightside – an education charity that helps young people access education and career pathways –  and the International Centre for Guidance Studies – a research centre with expertise in career development and icould, who will be creating engaging, fun and visual career videos.