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On Monday 5th October Future Foundations were thrilled to attend the Inspired to Make a Change event at the Conservative Party Conference. Two recent alumni from our programmes represented us: Matan who took part in Global Social Leaders 2015 and Philip who volunteered at the McKinsey Leadership Academy in July.


The evening enabled 18 fantastic youth social action programmes to discuss how they can build on the government’s NCS and ICS schemes to unlock the talent and civic service of the next generation.

Justine Greening, the Secretary of State for International Development, and the Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson spoke with the young people and organisations present.

Generation Changes Chair , Sophie Livingstone, said: “”Young people bring a unique energy to the causes they’re passionate about, and this is a huge resource for our country when we are facing problems in ageing, inequality, and mental health. While they’re helping others, young people are also challenging themselves, building their confidence, and gaining skills that help them in the workplace.

The government’s commitment to grow National Citizen Service places for 16 year olds is enabling thousands more young people to get a taste of social action. However, many young people are ready to start that journey much earlier, while many more are keen to take on bigger and different challenges after they finish NCS. So it’s important that we can sustain funding for opportunities that have equally powerful outcomes for young people at different stages and in different situations in life.”

Matan Sayegh- GSL ALUMNI

“I am proud to have represented Future Foundations and the prestigious “Global Social Leaders Programme” at the “Generation Change” event hosted by “Vinspired“. I met inspiring, motivated and influential people whom were all part of the “generation change” movement. This included the Minister for Civil Society who recognised the role social action had to play in preparing young people for work where they will reflect the values and skills they learnt on the programmes into their everyday.

This event gave me the opportunity to see how other organisations delivered their social action projects and how it enriched the lives of those involved. Especially the benefits it provided for the wider community. I am proud and excited to be part of this movement. Inspiring me further to become a beacon in my community for those humanitarian values and principles.”