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Future Foundations was proud once again to be a part of George Green’s School ‘Bring Your Job to School Day’ in January 2018. This is an annual whole-school  off-timetable careers event which draws in business volunteers from across the community.

Two of our most experienced facilitators Ella and Owen returned to George Green’s to deliver a series of exciting bespoke assemblies based on an interactive quiz theme to introduce the students to business volunteers, bust some careers myths and explore the wide range of career opportunities available to them beyond school.

The aim of the day was to empower students to make sound future choices and respond to the opportunities available to them.
Students developed an awareness of the employability skills needed in the world of work today.
This programme inspired students to raise achievement and maximise their potential.

“From our side it all seemed to go well. The general feedback was positive about the session. Ella and Owen were fantastic as always!”

Carl Kemp, George Green’s Community Manager – Employability & Access

It was inspirational


Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who worked alongside us and generously shared their time and experience as a valuable resource for young people to draw on at the Bring Your Job To School Day.

If your school is planning a careers event and would like to discuss how Future Foundations can help we’d love to hear from you.