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On the 8th of July 2019, Future Foundations once again took part in George Green’s “Bring Your Job to School Day.” This programme is an annually run, whole-school off-timetable careers event, where students are given the opportunity to meet and hear from alumni of the school, and to participate in Future Foundations bespoke interactive assemblies, focused on future careers.

These assemblies were delivered by two of our most experienced coaches, Ella Simms and Jason Moore, and involved a fun, yet informative quiz, entitled the “Careers Gameshow.” The quiz introduced the alumni to the students, busted some career myths, and explored the wide range of career opportunities that are available to them beyond school.

A total of around 800 students (year groups 7-12) participated in “Bring Your Job to School Day,” acting as evidence that you are never too young to be thinking about your career and the steps it might take to get you there.

The aim of the day was to empower students to make sound future choices and to proactively respond to the opportunities available to them outside of school.
Business alumni inspired the young people and challenged their current perceptions on careers.
This programme saw students develop an awareness of different employability skills, and also empowered them to work hard and maximise their potential!

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff who worked alongside us and generously shared their time and experience as a valuable resource for young people to draw on at the Bring Your Job To School Day.

If your school is planning a careers event and would like to discuss how Future Foundations can help we’d love to hear from you.