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From the 7th-9th OctoberCOBIS and King’s Group welcomed student leaders from COBIS schools to the COBIS/King’s Group Student Leadership Weekend hosted by King’s College, Madrid. The conference included workshops and sessions from leading speakers on What is Student Leadership, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and more.

Future Foundations is continuing to build a close partnership COBIS to develop future leaders and has had a number of COBIS schools at our Global Social Leaders programme, this is the second programme we have delivered for them directly and we are extremely excited about future collaboration.



Future Foundations Coach

On the 8th of October Laina, one of Future Foundations Coaches delivered presentation and public speaking skills, the aim being that by the end all students can convey a clear message when doing public speaking & make sure their spoken language and body language match. The session focused on:


  • People believe what they see more than what they hear (verbal Vs non-verbal communication)
  • Practice, practice, practice/plan plan plan
  • Bring ‘You’ to the table (have your own style)


The students were led through a series of interactive exercises focusing on body, voice, nerves and eyes. They ended the session by having to present an ‘elevator pitch’ to their peers, putting their new-found skills into practice.


The COBIS leadership weekend was an insightful experience into our future leaders. The young people started the public speaking conference having the right words, but not the correct non-verbal communication to match. By the end of session every single person was able to passionately deliver their elevator pitch and most importantly use their presentation skills to shine when networking over the break time afterwards.

Laina, Future Foundations Coach