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Future Foundations is excited to share that we are supporting the development of The Excelerator Programme – a new organisation established to help school leavers find the right roles in the right company.

Brought to you by an exciting collaboration led by Good Business Ventures and supported by Future Foundations and Future Solutions.

The Excelerator Programme will work with schools and colleges and directly with school leavers, helping them think about their strengths, suggest potential roles, and provide training support and mentoring, so that when the candidates meet with prospective businesses they are ready, directed and differentiated from the crowd.


It's our firm belief (from all the work we have done with young people) that there's a cohort of motivated individuals out there who would excel in the workplace rather than spending three more years in education, and we need to solve this problem: how to match the right individuals with the right roles. And that's where Excelerator comes in

Giles Gibbons, Founder and CEO, Good Business

What’s the need?

This should be a great time for school leavers (including those leaving sixth form colleges).  With employers increasingly looking to recruit directly from schools and the Government introducing a range of incentives to encourage apprenticeships, the outlook for those looking for an alternative to full time Further Education (FE) should be rosy.  This should be a win:win situation – reducing youth unemployment and increasing social mobility whilst providing employers with a work force willing and eager to learn on the job.

Currently, however, neither employers nor society as a whole are reaping the full benefits.  The lack of an established infrastructure for recruiting school leavers and the absence of an effective way to assess school leavers’ suitability for specific roles makes the existing process of employing school leavers inefficient and often ineffective.

What’s our solution?

The Excelerator Programme addresses these issues, providing an aspirational platform to match the right school leavers to the right jobs, creating value for employers through reduced risk and increased work force diversity and for society through improving work-readiness, reducing youth unemployment and increasing social mobility. The programme will also provide support to schools so that they are able to share the opportunities with their students effectively and efficiently.


Your project, which will engage with final year students at a crucial time in their lives when they are starting to think about careers and their options will be beneficial for a large number of young people…Your project fits with our policy aims in this area which are to inspire young people to decide upon a suitable career and provide the high quality careers advice that they need to help them make that decision

Letter from Nick Boles, Minister of State for Skills, 2/9/15

What’s next?

We are launching the 2016 Programme in London for leavers at the end of this academic year.  We will work in partnership with schools, to help young people learn about the opportunity to participate in the Excelerator programme and to then provide support and mentoring from sign up through to securing an offer of a role, and beyond.

If your school is interested in partnering with us for the 2016 programme please contact us to express interest and we will send you further details.


We are excited to support the launch of the Excelerator programme, which we believe has a big role to play in offering an alternative and aspirational route for school leavers so that they have a real choice, and are supported with the information they need and connected with good employers offering exciting and rewarding positions for school leavers

Jon Harper, CEO of Future Foundations

Watch this space for further details coming soon!

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