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Here at Future Foundations we have spent the past 10 years delivering incredible programmes that inspire creativity, enterprise, self-confidence, risk taking, energy, motivation and leadership among young people. These are our core World of Work Skills and they sit at the heart of everything we do.

We are understandably excited to see that the government have recognized the immeasurable value of these traits and have identified ‘character education’ as a key theme in their manifesto and something the UK should become a world leader in providing students.

Schools and organisations that offer activities promoting character in pupils will see these programmes expanded through a new £3.5 million fund, designed to place character education on a par with academic learning for pupils across the country.


 The Department of Education have launched the Character Award initiative, with a view to recognizing schools’ efforts in this area and offering support and funding to go even further. Awards of up to £20,000 will be given to successful applicants with prize money intended to be reinvested back into programmes that promote character, grit and resilience.

This move is a landmark step for our education system. It will cement our position as a global leader in teaching character and resilience and will send a clear signal that our young people are being better prepared than ever before to lead tomorrow’s Britain.

Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary
The Department of Education is looking for programmes which develop character traits, attributes and behaviours that underpin success in school and work, including:


perseverance, resilience and grit
 confidence and optimism
 motivation, drive and ambition
 neighbourliness and community spirit
 tolerance and respect
 honesty, integrity and dignity
 conscientiousness, curiosity and focus


Examples of the types of initiatives which would be recognized by the Character Awards scheme are our one day Secondary School Programmes, the McKinsey Leadership Academy and Global Social Leader programme, Future Foundations work with the Legacy Careers Project and National Citizen Service.


 We firmly believe that any school which has used Future Foundations’ services or sent students on our residential programmes over the past year is ideally placed to make an application for the DfE Character Awards.

The deadline for applications is  30th January.

Please contact alice.baines-hamblin@future –  for more information.

Good luck to all schools applying.