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During February, we ran two Coach Assessment centres, if you want to know what it takes to become a Future Foundations Youth Coach see below!

As a coach with Future Foundations you get to work with a range of young people from different backgrounds, of different ages, and in diverse settings:
 – You could be delivering an assembly on resilience to Year 9’s in a school;
 – You might coach on a two day Higher Education experience residential;
 – You might spend two weeks at Wellington College coaching international students on social action.
Our fantastic Network of coaches is something we are incredibly proud of and we are always looking for new people to join us and bring their wealth of experience and energy to the team.


We had over 30 people attend our Assessment Centres and are excited to say the successful candidates will attend an Induction weekend in April.
During the Assessment Centres we are looking for:
 – Coaches who can demonstrate leadership skills;
 – Encourage and inspire those around them;
 – Have a passion for working with young people and enabling them to become leaders;
 – Coaches who can draw reflection and learning from young people.

Thank you to those you attended.