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For the fifth year running, Future Foundations have delivered a series of exciting Higher Education  programmes for Year 8 students from Wembley High Technology College.

The events were entitled, ‘Bright Futures’ and took place in Cambridge, introducing young people for the first time to University life in one of the worlds leading academic institution whose mission is ‘to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence’.

For the majority of Wembley students this was their first ever taste of University and the experience was designed to raise aspirations, boost their self confidence and equip students with a toolkit of skills to lead themselves to success over the coming years and reach their full academic potential.

Both programmes were Course Directed by Alex with support from Future Foundations coaches Charanjit, Jason, Juliette, Jennifer and Amrit. 

The aims of the Bright Futures programmes were to:

  • Enable students to discover what they can study at university, tuition style and student lifestyle.
  • Encourage students to take personal responsibility for their futures; to be proactive in their approach to their studies and the future benefits of doing so.
  • Help the students to understand what it means to be a leader
  • Communicate the importance of leadership and the future leadership needs for society
  • Foster the belief that with gifts/talents come a responsibility to use them for the better of others
  • Open students’ minds to goal setting and equip them with time management skills

Bright Futures opened on Monday 2nd June with a one day programme for 65 students based at Fitzwilliam College, which was founded in 1869 specifically to broaden access to Cambridge. Fitwilliam proudly sustains that tradition of ensuring that every student, whatever their background, can fulfil their potential and take advantage of the incomparably rich opportunities offered by Cambridge. But it is also a forward-looking place, consistent with the College’s motto of ‘The Best of the Old and the New’.


Participants would recommend Future Foundations to their friends


Participants feel inspired to achieve their full potential


Participants feel more confident than they did at the beginning of the programme


Participants feel excited and energised about their future


Fitzwilliam is one of the 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge and during term time is home to a community of around 450 undergraduates, 300 postgraduates, 56 Fellows, 31 Bye Fellows and 100 staff members. Prominent graduates from Fitzwilliam College include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more and range from Nick Drake to Vince Cable and David Starkey.

The college has a reputation for inclusion and academic excellence, with former pupils of state schools making up 67% of its first year UK undergraduates in 2014.

Following the one day programme Future Foundations’ staff stayed on in Cambridge to greet the second group of Wembley High Technology College students. This time a group of 40 gifted and talented Year 8 students joined for a two day, one night residential from Tuesday 3rd to Wednesday 4th. Participants had the opportunity to experience student living, staying in halls of residence, eating meals in the college’s dining facilities and exploring Cambridge in more depth.

I really loved this experience because it has boosted up my confidence and I had a lovely team who supported eachother at any time

This experience was amazing and allowed me to realise that i can do things that I didn’t first think I could

it was amazing, once in a while opportunity. Overall 5 *s!!! I loved it!

It was interactive and fun. It definitely increased my confidence and how I will look at my future

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