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On the 9th of March I was given an amazing opportunity to attend an event at Wembley called We day!


We day celebrates the amazing work done by thousands of young people around the UK and their teachers. We day congratulates the wonderful young people who have put masses of time into preparing, petitioning, and raising money to help those not as fortunate as us! It was an incredible experience to hear so many people talk about their journey fundraising and inspired me to look at the world in a different way. How to get from me to we. How to see the world in the perspective of those who have struggled and persevered through those small bumps in the road! How are actions today are what make up tomorrow.

We day allowed me to see that there is so much that we young people can and get involved in to help the less fortunate in the world! The event was enlightening and revealed that any action, however small, makes a difference in the world.


So this is the time, my time and your time to start fundraising for your passions! We are powerful! We are determined! We are a movement!