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TVLP Student Leadership Conference

On Wednesday 29th September Future Foundations teamed up with the Thames Valley Learning Partnership to deliver the first ever TVLP Student Leadership Conference. This saw students in leadership roles from the 8 TVLP schools come together to have an impactful, inspiring, and fun day. 


  • Foster integration between prefects from the TVLP schools
  • Build the students’ leadership, confidence, initiative, teamwork, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through experiential team building tasks.
  • Sessions on rotation encourage students to broaden their perspectives, gain new skills and consider leadership roles and projects inside school.
  • Prepare students for their leadership roles
  • Challenge them to find opportunities for student-led initiatives and collaboration between schools, establishing a culture of creative, engaged and proactive Prefects, strengthening the school partnership.
  • Engage students in a Prefect Leadership challenge which will give them a framework and ongoing support to lead a project within their school or community


The programme was a great success with inspiring feedback from the students and staff members working on the programme.

Rated the programme 4 or above out of 5
Felt they could be true to themselves after the programme
Felt they could take responsibility for their future following the programme
Felt confident to pursue their passions following the programme

This programme has made me feel more confident about myself and realise my strengths and talents.


Future foundations was really inspiring and helped me increase my confidence.


I went out of my comfort zone and interacted with others and I'm more confident now.


I absolutely enjoyed todays activities and want to use the skills I learned in the future.



Thames Valley Learning Partnership is is an equal partnership of state and independent schools.

Aims of the partnership are to:

  • Providing collaborative and informative experiences for secondary aged students across a range of subject, thereby providing a variety of learning opportunities and diversity in social and cultural engagement.
  • Ensuring staff across our schools are able to share their passion for their specialist subjects and good practice with one another, and exchange views about current educational issues.