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Everybody loves a little spontaneity and unplanned(ness) in their lives. However, the only type of spontaneous event we usually indulge in are small, social, events such as; an unplanned drink with friends or an ‘off-the-cuff’ day out to the seaside. But what about larger, life-changing, options?

Recently, like most A-Level students, I went through the phase of giving up on the examination process – passing it off as a mortifying fail by me and a chauvinistic win by the meritocratic system of education. As I always do when I feel under pressure, I found things to fill my time with. I became a Trustee of Step Up To Serve convened by HRH Prince Charles and began volunteering more hours than I knew existed in a day.

A small opportunity that opened to become a Trustee for a cross-party and cross-sector organisation that I previously knew very little of – brought me dumfounded to a stupendous realisation of how much more there was to life than education. I have learnt more about life, networked more than ever before and been presented with opportunities like no other over the minimal time I have spent as a trustee – compared to the gargantuan number of years I spent in education.

I’m not dismissing education at all – it’s so beneficial to most and I, myself, still want to pursue a university degree leading to what I hope will be a very successful academic career. However, my point more than anything is to simply say yes in abundance and encompass yourself with opportunities that make you stand out, and take a chance on things that may be nothing, but just may lead to be something huge. In short, if Future Foundations, and my mentor Pete, has taught me anything, its to never close figurative doors – say yes to spontaneity.

By Louis Stokes