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My third and most recent call with Lucy came mid-existential crisis. It was exam week which meant, obviously, that I was drinking tea by the gallon and considering giving up education to follow a career in Blu-tac production. I began questioning the significance of a few qualifications in relation to the size of the universe and all it contains. Exams and school began to feel pointless and small when looking at the bigger picture. I was travelling through a philosophical minefield.

Lucy didn’t give me the answer to the meaning of life (although that would have been swell) but she did refocus me, set me back on track. She reminded me of the need for momentum, the necessity for us to live in the present and be future orientated rather than wonder about the insolvable and lose purpose. 

After our phone call I made a motivational playlist (featuring Eye of the Tiger of course), made a bunch of organisational lists (I do love a good list), and got my butt in gear. 

Now I’ve finished exams and am in the process of visiting university open days, rather than having an early onset midlife crisis. Momentum. 

Kia Clark