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On Monday 29th June 2015, Future Foundations delivered a Bright Futures Day on site at Okehampton College in Devon. The programme was delivered to 100 year 8 students and looked at raising their aspirations, encouraging personal responsibility, and inspiring them to set SMART goals for the future.

The programme was Course Directed by Owen Bailey and our Future Foundations coaches were CJ Swaby, Henderson Murray, Elizabeth Annor-Agyei and John Paul Metcalfe.

Aims of the Programme:

  • Encourage Okehampton’s Year 8 students to take personal responsibility for their futures; to be proactive in their approach to their studies and to understand the future benefits of doing so.
  • Help the students to understand what it means to be a leader.
  • Foster the belief that with gifts/talents come a responsibility to use them for the better of others.
  • Open students’ minds to goal setting and equip them with time management skills.
  • Challenge the students to embrace Okehampton’s programme of ‘20 Challenges’ and set personal goals for the coming months, to which they will be held accountable.
  • Provide a fun and inspirational experience which the students will remember!

This was an incredibly motivating day for students which we launched by exploring how our First Attempt In Learning ( FAIL) can often ask us to step outside of our comfort zone and take a risk. There was a great moment of  relief on the faces of students with the realisation  that is OK to get it wrong sometimes as is a valuable path to learning. Reaching our personal and academic goals is not always a journey in a straight line and each step towards a goal is an achievement.

We encouraged young people to answer questions and try new things exploring their hidden talents, as well as trusting the skills that were already available to them. They were all inspired to take the Future Foundations 30  day challenge, which was linked to Okehampton’s own  triple A  20 challenge programme.

– Owen Bailey, Course Director

The day was fantastic! The students felt that the day was really engaging and pushed them to think about their goals and aspirations. The ambassadors were very inspiring and taught our students a lot about life choices and how to make the best of themselves.
Overall this was a great day that offers something different to our other curriculum days and was wonderful.

Nicola Offer, Assistant Principal, Okehampton College

An opportunity you would be wise to take

Students, Okehampton College

It was very inspiring and eye opening, thank you I really enjoyed it!

Student, Okehampton College

I thought the experience was amazing and has made me more confident

Student, Okehampton College

It was fun and interesting and I enjoyed the journey

Student, Okehampton

An amazing program that has inspired me to take more action in my life and try and complete my goals.

Student, Okehampton College

Great fun, loads of useful info about our future. Really enthusiastic leaders. I had a great time.

Student, Okehampton College

Students ranked the day 4-5 out of 5


Students feel inspired to reach their full potential


Students have set themselves SMART goals for the future


Students feel excited and energised about the future



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