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In the summer of twenty fourteen,

I learnt that it all starts with ‘yes’.

With a blue circle on my lanyard,

I began NCS.


In these four weeks I learnt,

That confidence is a choice.

I left with a passion for social change,

And a power in my voice.


A year later I returned,

Greater change on my mind.

At Global Social Leaders,

I saw leadership redefined.


The inspiring people I met,

I will remember forever.

Because social action begins,

When we all work together.


Even once GSL was over,

Opportunities kept coming.

Sharing my FF story with others

Gave me pride in who I’m becoming.


After attending TedxTeen,

I joined generation Y not.

Young people can change the world,

I now believe this a lot.


I am so grateful to all of those,

Who believed in me along the way.

For the opportunities I’ve been given,

I thank you every day.


Now I hope for more young people,

With a drive to act and achieve,

To become connected to social issues,

And defy what others believe.


As I finish this poem,

One thing is very clear.

I am incredibly lucky,

To be your student of the year.