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Hi, we are Desree and Shammila and we want to tell you about our experience of the Step Up programme and how it has led to us taking part in the Chrysalis Summer School with Future Foundations.

Step Up is a place of hope, friendship but most importantly education. At Step Up we aim to help pupils aged 10-11 increase, not just their academia, but their social skills also. This essentially makes them more desirable and well-rounded individuals. We at Step Up Heroes, staff and pupils are a family. We work together as a unit to produce the best possible outcome for these Year 7 pupils.

So what makes Step Up a productive place to be? Not only is it the dedication of ourselves and the pupils, but it is the clear results have on effecting their lives. It may not always be shown in a statistic, but you can see it reflected into their school life making it a happier and more harmonious place to be.

Sure we have our up’s and down’s, not everybody’s perfect right? Us as heroes have definitely been challenged, but all of these times are brushed away by the amazing experiences we have spent together. One of the most prominent being our Wales trip!

Wales was probably the best experience both myself, the other Heroes and the pupils have ever undertaken, testing our true abilities. Caving, gorging, rock climbing and BMX biking are just a few of the amazing activities we got the pleasure of doing together. One of the barriers that were overcome whilst in Wales was the fear of jumping. Heights were a big thing for not only the pupils but also the Heroes, but with all the support everyone took a jump they never thought they would; whether it be plunging into water off of a rock climbing wall. One of our main goals for this trip was to get the pupils to try something they had never tried and have an open mind about it. This was tested in terms both the activities and the food!


We found out about the Chrysalis Summer School through the leader of the Step Up Programme, James Canvin. A very influential man, not just over the pupils but heroes like ourselves too. He helps everyone to reach their full potential and be the best they be. University is now a goal that for the older heroes has become an achievable reality through the Step Up programme. The skills that we have acquired such as confidence, teamwork, leadership and patience have given us an insight into the skills need to become successful individuals.

When we were first offered the opportunity to be on the Summer School it was exciting but at the same time slightly daunting because it was a sign that things were moving on. Chrysalis offers a range of things that as developing potential university students we need. So as well as doing this for our own personal gain we also wish to take all of the skills we learn and develop and bring them back to the Step Up programme. One of the skills we personally hope to develop further are our presentational skills, as hopeful future teachers these are desirable skills to have.

Going to this Summer school we think will be very beneficial to us and Step Up. It will provide a link between the gap of 6th form to university which is a very rare opportunity to have. We are very much looking forward to attending this Summer school as there little opportunities like this where we live.

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