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On Thursday 24 February, Russian forces launched a large-scale military offensive on Ukraine, putting the safety of millions of Ukrainians at risk.

Future Foundations stands in solidarity with all those that are affected by the emerging conflict and calls for every effort to avoid a further escalation of violence.

We have taken the decision that we will suspend receiving any paid bookings or proceeds towards our programmes for the foreseeable future from Russia.    

As an organisation, committed to supporting every young person to reach their full potential, to be leaders in their lives and society, we want to share with our network resources* to help educators with supporting children during this time.  We will continue to update this, and invite our community to share with educators and parents.

If you have any resources to contribute, please email

Our friends have shared the following resources:

  • Facing History and Ourselves have shared curriculum and lesson plans for educators:
    • Curriculum – our Head, Heart, Conscience Teaching Strategy
    • If you are seeking a lesson plan that can help you tackle the specifics of this crisis and present some of the historic context that has sparked these events, we recommend the “Crisis in Ukraine” teaching resource from our colleagues at the Choices Program – “Crisis in Ukraine”

Resources and guidance on current information regarding Ukraine being shared 

Other resources around discussing war and international violence

*Please note these resources have been sourced by trusted members of our community and have not been fully verified by Future Foundations