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On Wednesday the 4th of September, Future Foundations delivered a Sixth Form Induction Day at Laureate Academy in Hemel Hempstead. This was the second time Future Foundations worked with the school on their Sixth Form Induction programme, as the previous years was a roaring success!

Approximately 65 young people, from both year 12 and year 13, were involved in the programme. It was their very first day back at school, so the key focus was to aid the transition of the students between year 11 and 12, but also to foster integration between students from both years (year 12 and 13).

The programme was Course Directed by Lina, who was supported by Future Foundations coaches Nadia and Shane, as well as four teaching staff from the school.


Laureate Academy is an all-ability community secondary school located in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The Academy was launched in September of last year, on the site of the Cavendish School.

Laureate Academy is part of Future Academies, a Multi-Academy Trust which has a reputation for achieving the highest standards for all their pupils.

The Induction Day fostered integration between students in years 12 and 13, creating a supportive culture within the sixth form.
Students were encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, and the attitude needed to go beyond what is being asked of them in class.
The workshops developed the team work and time management skills of the young people, whilst also challenging them to think about their vision for sixth form and set tangible goals.
Finally, the programme began the school year with a fun and interactive experience which the students will remember!

Future Foundations received some great feedback from Laureate Academy staff about the day.

Nicola Murphy, Head of Sixth Form, shared that an “encouraging and warm atmosphere [was] created” and that the programme gave a “framework for students to develop in the global leadership programme.”

She also stated that the FF team were “professional and engaging. Thorough in planning and delivery”“Students described it as an excellent start to the term.”

A good day that opens your eyes to more things


Very informative and different


Absolutely spectacular experience


It was interesting and I was inspired by the enthusiasm of the Future Foundations staff


Very interesting and helped me understand leadership and teamwork


It was a good experience to learn further leadership skills


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