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Future Foundations are excited to announce that Jane Berry (Business Development Director) and Simon Berry (CEO and Founder) from ColaLife are going to be speaking to students on this summer’s GSL Programme, following a screening of their film “The Cola Road”.

Coca-Cola seems to get everywhere in developing countries, yet essential medicines don’t. Why? ColaLife uses the same principles and networks that Coca-Cola and other commodity producers use, to open up private sector supply chains for ‘social products’ such as oral rehydration salts and zinc supplements. They began with the concept of using space in Coca-Cola crates – but have extended into a range of innovations, some based on Coca-Cola’s expertise and networks – but many based on questioning the status quo.

This session will introduce the young people to a case study of a social change innovation created by individuals who have been ‘global social leaders’. The session will share their experience and journey and give an insight into how they have brought their innovation to market, the challenges they faced, the results achieved and what were the key ingredients of their approach to creating social change.

The GSL students will also have the opportunity to watch “The Cola Road”, a film by Claire Ward charting the five weeks she spent shadowing the ColaLife team as they prepared to launch a project that would make an anti-diarrhoea kit as ubiquitous as Coca-Cola in rural communities in Zambia.

Guest Speakers’ Profiles


Simon Berry

Founder & CEO, ColaLife

Simon is the key visionary behind ColaLife, and brings a life-time’s experience in cross-sector stakeholder relations, rural development, open innovation and new media.


Jane Berry

Business Development Director, ColaLife

Jane writes Business Plans and funding bids for non-profits and Social Enterprises, as well as managing a range of capacity building programmes for the ‘Third Sector’. She also designing whole programmes as well as events, tools and learning games to bring enterprise concepts to the non-profit sector.

Did you know…

of children in developing countries die before their fifth birthday