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This September Future Foundations decamped to West Yorkshire for two ‘Step Up’ training programmes with Year 10 and 12 students at Silcoates School.
On Friday 4th September we worked with 60 Sixth Formers and our team will return again later this week to deliver a similar day of training to 50+ Year 10 Silcoates students.

The Year 12 programme was designed to help the students to review their transition into Sixth Form, recognise if they may have ‘taken their foot off the pedal’ and encourage them to aim high and be confident about their potential. Future Foundations’ facilitators encouraged students to take responsibility for their own learning and the attitude needed to go beyond what is being asked of them in class. Through a series of experiential learning activities we developed student’s team work and time management skills helping them to think about their vision for sixth form and set tangible goals.

The programme was Course Directed by John Paul Metcalfe with support from Future Foundations coaches Chloe Cousins and Amrit  Lohir.


Stepping Up at Silcoates


Excellent experience. I feel like I know myself and plan for the future.

Anonymous , Participant

Inspiring, more excited about trying to achieve my full potential.

Anonymous, Participant

The coach was very fun and inspiring. I think it'll stand me in good stead for the future.

Anonymous, Participant

Participants said they felt inspired to reach their full potential


Participants commited to pursuing their passions


Participants rated their overall experience 4+ out of 5


“The day was inspiring from start to finish! The young people, who were all very capable, were just heading into their first year of sixth form. For some this was a fearful moment and they acknowledged that in order to fulfil the dreams they had they would need to STEP UP and challenge the ideas they had about sixth form.

The FF team heavily emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for their studies and for them to set their own vision for their future. Over the course of the day students developed the understanding that their attitude was a huge determining factor and that setting challenging goals would help them to realize their potential. We asked students to jump out of their comfort zone and stretch their perceptions of themselves and others.

A stand out moment of the day was when participants took part in the ‘Raise The Bar’ challenge. One group had real trouble lowering the bar to the ground whilst others completed the task quickly. As a trial the groups were mixed up and both teams were then successful. On reflection the students learned how fundamental listening to, and working with, others can be to their success in life and study.

– John Paul Metcalf, Course Director


John Paul Metcalf

Course Director


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