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On the 15th of February, Future Foundations delivered a day of mentoring and coach training for 15 of the Rugby Portobello Trust’s youth workers.

The Rugby Portobello Trust (RPT) provide services to children, young people and families in North Kensington and beyond. The Trust operates as part of the charity P3 – People Potential Possibilities, who also do incredible work across London!

The youth workers at RPT deliver the Amplify project which works with with at-risk young people aged 14 to 19 (21 with SEND), including NEETs, pre-NEETs and those at risk of exclusion. Offering Friday late-night sessions, Amplify takes an innovative blend of creative arts and music to offer a vehicle for self-expression while giving access to new skills, qualifications, work experience and future career opportunities in a safe environment with the added opportunity to talk one-on-one with experienced youth workers, allowing young people to re-orientate their lives, perceptions and futures.

RPT provided their youth workers with training and support (using Future Foundations coach, Kath) to work with the following target groups: aged 14-19 (21 with SEND), NEET, pre-NEET, at risk of exclusion or involved in criminal behaviour.

Very informative and interactive. Delivery was fantastic!

Amplify Youth WorkerAnonymous

Programme Aims

RPT selected Future Foundations to mentor and coach their youth workers under the following aims:

Empower youth workers with the confidence and knowledge to effectively build a rapport, establish a positive and sustainable mentor/mentee relationship.
Ensure all youth workers understand the difference between coaching and counselling and how to help young people to develop their confidence and set SMART goals to help them make the transition into further education, employment or training.
Maximise the impact the youth workers have on the young people participating in the Amplify programme.

Programme Content

The course took place from 9:00am to 17:30pm, and covered the following essential topics:

Understanding the difference between coaching, mentoring and training.
Building rapport, putting boundaries in place (safeguarding), the role of the mentor and the GROW model.
Develop an understanding of powerful questioning and how to help young people to set SMART goals.
Develop an understanding of how to exit mentoring relationship.

Testimonials & Impact

Kath was amazing at engaging the group especially on a Saturday. Activities were helpful and made me feel more confident.

Amplify Youth WorkerAnonymous

Kath was engaging. She was knowledgeable and very experienced. Her passion was well noticed.

Amplify Youth WorkerAnonymous

Giving/adding theoretical framework to our current practice and introducing new practice.

Amplify Youth WorkerAnonymous

Really well presented and informative; given opportunity to 'frame' current practice.

Amplify Youth WorkerAnonymous

The programme was interactive and lead with expert knowledge. It was great!

Amplify Youth WorkerAnonymous

82% of participants feel more confident than they did at the beginning of the programme


73% of participants feel they are a better leader than they were at the beginning of the programme


100% of participants are excited an energised about their future


100% of participants would recommend Future Foundations to their friends


100% of participants feel inspired to reach their full potential


We have received some great feedback from Leone Buncombe, Rugby Portobello Trust’s Service Manager, who observed the programme.

She stated that her favourite aspect of the programme was “interactive activities for staff to be able to deliver on sessions,” and that “Kath was very good.”

If you are interested in bringing Future Foundations training to your school please contact to explore how we can help your students to reach their full potential.


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