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We are excited to share that Future Foundations supported Uprising (a fellow Generation Change member) with a successful application for funding to the Queen’s Young Leaders grant programme to scale up their Fastlaners employability programme.


Claire Lancaster

FF Coach

Our facilitator for the first mentor training day which took place on 27th February at Uprising' offices in Birmingham was Claire Lancaster.

The overall caliber of mentors was high and resulted in some lively and high quality discussions.

Claire Lancaster , FF Coach

Future Foundations are supporting Uprising with this programme by helping to prepare Uprising Alumni to be mentors. The mentors will help to deliver training for other young people who will participate in the Uprising Fastlaners programme. We will deliver training for each cohort of mentors in how to be an effective coach and mentor. In total we will deliver this training four times a year for four years to approximately 320 mentors who will support 600 young people (18-25 year olds) into work from 2016-2019. This is therefore an incredibly exciting and important role that Future Foundations will play in helping prepare these mentors who will help other young people into work.

Of participants rated their overall experience of the programme 4/5 out of 5


Of Participants feel capable of fulfilling their role as mentor (Based only on the training delivered)


Of participants felt able to cope with the intensity and pace of the training programme


Today was fun, interesting and I feel it has taught me mentoring skills.

Anonymous, Participant Feedback

Brilliant strategies! Vibrant trainer and inspirational group of mentors.

Anonymous, Participant Feedback

Thank you so much for a brilliant session today - the immediate feedback from everyone was very positive and I think it was pitched at the perfect level.

Louise Belsom, Uprising