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In the Spring and Summer terms of 2016 Future Foundations have delivered two one day training programmes to Sixth Form students at Nottingham High. The first was a Leadership Day for 80 Year 13’s in February and the second, on 28th June, a Prefect Training programme for 20 young people to prepare them for their roles next academic year.

The Leadership Day was delivered by a team of four Future Foundations facilitators, headed up by James as Course Director, with coaching support from Lina, Andy and CJ. The Prefect training programme was course directed and coached by Owen .


Ben Harrison

Head of Year 13

The students appeared to enjoy and gain a great deal from the day, and seemed very engaged in the programme. It was good to meet Owen and he did a great job of inspiring them and involving them all in the day

Both days were designed to challenge participants through workshops, theory and experiential learning activities and reflection exercises to examine what it means to be a great leader and acquire a toolkit of skills to enhance their ability to lead themselves and others to success.

In addition to this, the Prefect training day tasked students with considering the legacy they wished to leave at the school and culminated in a bespoke Prefect challenge. This  required students to examine the schools’ strategic development and find creative solutions to key issues for the coming year. Here, Owen Bailey, Course Director tells us more…

Owen Bailey, Course Director and Coach-

“Nottingham High school Leadership day started  off  with a get to you where the students shared an interesting fact about themselves and the Perfect roles within the school.

I brought to them the theme of the day that ‘we are all leaders’, which was set around the idea that we are all good enough  no matter what role we may be given in society or as prefects. No matter if you’re selected as Head Boy/Girl or a prefect assisting  a team that  supported year 7 students,  Leadership starts with self awareness, the ability to manage that  awareness through discussion and activities revealing  ways  to uplift or calm situations and then lead others to get the results needed. 

The day was fun and  interactive with activities that focused the students  awareness on attitude and Leadership styles emphasising that leadership is an attitude, not an innate type of person, challenging them to take responsibly for their roles as leaders within the school .

Students also brainstormed  challenges  in school and then found  innovative solutions to school issues with a next step action plans towards achieving the goal. It was an engaging , enjoyable, fun  and informative day with the students leaving with a new understanding of leadership styles as tools which can be used to also support each other in their roles as perfects bringing  Leadership into “everyday’  which is not this big thing that is outside of themselves.”

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