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On Wednesday the 10th of February, Future Foundations delivered a Year 13 Leadership Day at Nottingham High SchoolDelivery team was made up of Course Director James Canvin and coaches Lina Akbar, CJ Swaby and Andy Dunn.

Throughout the programme there was an emphasis on team work , cooperation with the ethos of support. The participants on the programme set personal and academic goals and commit to actions that will help them to achieve the future success they aspire to as well as engage in thought provoking workshops to identify their passions and strengths.

Number of Participants

Aims of the day

  • Encourage students to take personal responsibility for their own learning, take academic and personal opportunities and highlight the benefits of doing so.
  • Help students identify life goals and work back through if stages that will take them there; challenging them to identify current achievement needed for future success and their part in it.
  • Challenge students to find innovative solutions to school and local issues establishing a culture of creative, engaged and proactive students at Nottingham High.
  • Build the students’ confidence, initiative, teamwork, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through working together on team building tasks.
  • Special topics sessions encouraging students to broaden their perspectives, gain new skills and consider leadership roles and projects within and beyond school.

After attending the programme

Participants felt inspired to pursue their passions


Participants felt they now take personal responsibility for their future


Participants felt they are now able to contribute their talents


Provided me with the ability to help me clearly take the right steps to achieve my long-term goals

Anonymous Participant Feedback

Allowed me to see the importance of proper planning for life goals.

Anonymous Participant Feedback

Really energetic session leaders, really enjoyed the entrepreneurial skills activity.

Anonymous Participant Feedback

Helped me to understand what I want in life and how to get there.

Anonymous Participant Feedback