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On Friday 20th March 2015, Future Foundations took a road trip to Nottingham High School where we delivered an intensive day of Leadership Training for the school’s Year 13 students shortly before the Easter break.

This one day programme involved 65 young people, most of whom were heading to University in the Autumn. We focused on developing their leadership skills and teamwork, increasing confidence and personal aspirations for life beyond Nottingham High School.

The programme was facilitated by an experienced team, with Andy Dunn Course Directing. Our Future Foundations coaches were Ella Simms, Simone Vincenzi and Catherine Tilt.


Nottingham High School

Aims of the Leadership Day:

  • Encourage the students to take personal responsibility for their own success.
    embrace opportunities and highlight the benefits of doing so
  • Help students identify life goals and work back through life stages that will take them there; challenging them to identify current achievement needed for future success and their part in it.
  • Build the students’ confidence, initiative, pro-activity and commitment towards their vision through working together on team building task.
  • Broaden students’ perspectives by delivering ‘Special Topics’ sessions  encouraging them to consider life beyond Nottingham High by exploring themes of risk-taking, enterprise and social action.
  • Challenge students perception of limited time by exploring state and time management techniques.
  • Provide a fun and interactive experience mid-year experience which the students will remember

I was pleased with how it went and how students responded to the day. It was certainly the case that those who engaged fully and put the most into what was being offered were able to take a huge amount from the day...Please pass on my thanks to your staff for the time they spent planning and delivering the day, which was overall very worthwhile.

Ben Harrison, Head of Sixth Form, Nottingham High

“There was a really good level of engagement from students, despite being close to the end of term. The morning sessions, which focused on self leadership and experiential activities were a big hit and got the day off to an energetic start!

It was great for Future Foundations’ coaches to be able to bring our own stamp to the day through the ‘Special Topics’ sessions, which enabled us to present on topics we had specialist knowledge or interest in. Young people were able to choose between themes such as ‘Service Leadership’ and ‘Enterprise’. The ‘Risk Taking’ session was a particular highlight of mine, examining what it means to take a gamble in life and the potential rewards of doing so since you might not be able to predict the amazing doors that risks open. The boys took to the stage, pitching their own risks to the rest of the group and hopefully left feeling inspired to demonstrate (calculated!) bravery in their future choices!

Our overall mission with the day was to inspire young people to understand they drive their own destiny and that in order to be a leader of society you must first lead yourself. The future isn’t somewhere you are going to. It is somewhere you are going to create.”

– Andy Dunn, Course Director


Andy Dunn

Course Director


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