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It was amazing for me to watch people's confidence go up as the day's went by

Tam Phan, Volunteer on NCS 2014

I would like to thank the FF staff for giving me an amazing opportunity that I will truly remember. It has literally been the best 3 weeks of my life, something that I will look back on and also share my experiences to any young person who is looking to join the NCS programme.

When I applied for the position of volunteer I never thought I would get far within the application process and thought nothing more of it to be honest, but when I got the call from Will saying that FF were interested in me joining, that was when I thought, ‘yes let’s give it a try, I’m definitely doing it’. At that moment I felt excited to start the program as soon as possible.

From start to finish it has been wonderful, there were a lot of positives for me, I couldn’t find any faults whilst on my 3 weeks of NCS. Whilst volunteering on the program I immediately took it as a chance for me to learn from staff who have been with FF for years and apply what I learnt if I ever choose to come back for another program (which I surely will without a doubt, even if it is for a short period).

It was amazing for me to watch people’s confidences go up as the days went by: from the first day where it was awkwardly silent between the young people, to the last day where everyone was talking to each other, sharing banter around and treating each other as if they had known one another for years! It was amazing to watch their personal development since I had some contribution towards this also. It made me feel proud of myself thinking that I helped these individuals gain more confidence as the days went by, also with the help from FF staff that I was working with. I have learnt new ways of dealing with tough situations, new teaching methods and it has helped me gain new leadership experiences.

I will tell people back in Nottingham about my experiences and encourage everyone to sign up for NCS.

Thank you Will, Arnika and the FF Staff for a wonderful 3 weeks.