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The London Legacy Development Corporation wished to promote the exciting Legacy Careers that will exist in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The Legacy Careers Project was an incredible programme that did just this; inspired extraordinary careers, while promoting the career opportunities that will be happening on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Today helped me broaden my horizons and if I put my mind to it the possibilities are endless.

Student, St Angela’s Ursuline School

The project was delivered by Future Foundations, Brightside, iCeGS and CC-Lab. Each member of the consortium brought a different element to the project. Future Foundations, lead on the delivery of the project in five schools; Brightside enabled the online mentoring to take place and creation of the online resources; iCeGS evaluated the project and created a final report based on their findings; and CC Lab worked with APE Media on the creation of online video’s that made the project come alive.

The aim of the project was to inspire extraordinary careers, drawing on inspiration from the career opportunities that will be created in the Park and surrounding area. The project enabled young people to better understand their career options at the time they are making their academic and career choices. We equipped young people with the information, confidence and motivation they need to plan and manage their own careers.

The Legacy Careers Project was delivered in five schools: St Angela’s Ursuline School, Cardinal Pole Catholic School, St Paul’s Way Trust. Heathcote Secondary School and George Green’s Secondary School. Delivered in Year 8 before the summer and then to the same group when they were in Year 9, 770 young people explored their aspirations, had the opportunity to be interviewed and worked as a team to develop a new business for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The project came to an impressive close at an event that brought the top team and students from each school to Stratford Circus. The top teams then presented their business idea, competing against the other schools in front of a panel of judges. The business ideas were diverse, creative and enthusiastically presented. There is always a winning team and this year the Legacy Careers Champion went to the Eager Diva’s from St Angela’s. Awards were also given out on the night for young people who had gone the extra mile and improved the most in the project.

We would like to say a massive thank you to every person who has been involved in this project and contributed to the success!

Today was a wonderful day, I wish it could carry on like that every day and that we should do this type of project/workshop frequently.

Student, St Paul’s Way Trust

Yesterday I was pretty sure what I wanted to be when I’m older but now I realise that there is more than what I thought there was.

Student, St Angela’s Ursuline School

Today has been a very good experience and I have learnt a lot about what to do in the future.

Student, Cardinal Pole Catholic School

The students have had a positive and proactive attitude towards the project and it got them thinking about jobs and careers early, even jobs they didn’t know existed.

Teacher, St Pauls Way Trust School

Having the opportunity to lead, motivate and inspire a group of young people has been exciting as well as a great learning experience. Watching them grow and bloom over the 5 days throughout the project has been refreshing and fulfilling.

Team leader, Heathcote Secondary School