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Leadership Day delivered at Addington High School

By May 23, 2014December 7th, 2015Recent Projects

On Friday the 21st March 2014 , Future Foundations delivered a Leadership Day at Addington High School.

The programme was delivered to 100 year 8 students and looked at raising their aspirations, encouraging personal responsibility, and setting them goals for the future.

The programme was Course Directed by Andy Dunn and our Future Foundations coaches were Owen Bailey, Nick Diplos, Simone Vincenzi, Tom Hogarth, Ella Simms and Tamya Bustamante and Juliette Noske.

94 out of the 99 students said that the programme had encouraged them to aim high and reach their potential


This is what the young people said about the programme:

“Fun and cool!¬†Absolutely amazing activities…I was able to build confidence…Pushed me out of my comfort zone in a good way…It has made me look at my future and what it might have…Showed how to reach our goals successfully…I have learnt a lot and how to work as a team.”

This is what the young people said about us:

“Everyone that came to the school was inspiring…So much fun with the coaches.”


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