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On 1st February Future Foundations’ returned to Kings College School in Wimbledon to deliver our annual Aspirations programme to young people from 7 local schools belonging to the Wimbledon School Partnership.

The afternoon was spent exploring how to boost their confidence and academic aspirations and achieve greater success in their upcoming GCSE’s.

The programme was course directed by Lina who was assisted by an experienced team of Future Foundations coaches; Amrit, James, Olivia, Charanjit, Michael and Henderson.

The objectives of the Aspirations day were to:

  • Challenge students to take personal responsibility for success in their GCSEs and beyond through commitment and smart goal setting
  • Build students confidence in themselves, through recognising their own qualities
  • Raise students aspirations around their future options post year 11 with particular focus on Higher Education
  • Establish a lasting impact on student’s motivation and confidence
  • Provide a fun, interactive and motivational boost before exams to focus students on their prospects and the importance of aiming high

Future Foundations provided a varied programme delivered across the school site, including inspirational plenaries, experiential team tasks and reflection sessions throughout the day, all of which related back to the objectives of the Aspirations programme.

Students moved through a series of challenging workshops exploring  their strengths and building key skills in self-leadership, time management and SMART goal setting.

Percentage of participants that feel more confident after the programme


Percentage of participants that consider themselves a better leader after Future foundations program


Percentage of participants that feel committed to pursue their passion


it was very helpful and enlighting experience


it was a very fun experience learning about skills and qualities


Today has provided me with inspiration and boosted my confidence


I have gained confidence and am more motivated


Lovely staff and inspiring messages.


We received some excellent feedback from school staff, who observed sessions with Future Foundations coaches. Peter Hatch, of Kings College School remarked that ‘I have found working with FF very productive indeed, the session leaders are highly inspirational and everything is run in a very efficient way’.

Another teacher stayed back afterwards to share that he was happily surprised to see two of his quieter students so actively participating in the FF session and that the experience had reminded him why he got in to teaching and he’d lost the spark but it has now been reignited.

If you are interested in bringing Future Foundations training to your school please contact us to explore how we can help your students to reach their full potential.