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Jon Harper – Future Foundation’s CEO – has been nominated for The Guardian newspaper’s Small Business Leader Award after an incredible 2013/14, that has seen the organisation flourish.

The full nomination is available online, but here are some of the highlights:

With input from the team, our alumni and freelance staff network, he’s reviewed our mission, vision, principles and brand. Every element has helped to give our organisation greater focus
Stayed true to our mission by withdrawing from major contracts which did not fit our values
Restructured the organisation in response to our team’s requests to introduce further progression and line management
Put people first; he created a role and allocated budget towards managing and developing our people internally and externally
Won almost all bids he has written, including securing a contract for supporting career development for local young people
Project directed the Legacy Careers Project which has been recognised by the University of Derby as an example of best practice as an innovative and cost-effective careers programme
Championed the creation of our first annual awards which brought together young people from all our programmes
Created the Future Foundations challenge concept. This started with Jon championing the Live Below the Line cause, leading to our staff and wider network signing up

Jon has measurably improved the company by securing over £1m in contracts over the past year. His innovative approach has helped to produce new programmes to take us global. By creating an identity we can all be proud of he has ensured Future Foundations is a great company that we are all proud to work for.