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Non-stop work, that what this year has been so far but in an eye opening and fun way, when I was growing up my mum always used to say don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today and I guess that’s what I am doing. I have been working two days a week at Future Foundations for about a month, going to college three times a week and working part time on the weekends, I went from no experience to learning new things every week and it’s been a never-ending source of knowledge.

Three words that I would use to describe me ambitious, determined and built for success. I have been studying business for three years already and every year it becomes even clearer to me that the first step to success is believing that you can do it, which is kind of cliché but true and also why I think that working here was the perfect fit for me. Future Foundations inspires and motivates young people to believe in themselves and accomplish their goals and for me motivation and inspiration are two of many words that have driven me to give 110% effort in everything I do.

Working at Future Foundations has been a whole new adventure for me, when I first signed up for the work placement program I thought it would take a while before there would be any placements available but no later than 2 days I got a call saying I had an interview. Since then I have learnt so much about the working business environment and can I just say it’s nothing like the movies, no matter how many business classes you go to or movies you watch you never know what it’s like till right in the middle of it. I look forward to continuing to be a part of the Future Foundations journey and helping them reach their goals.