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"Thanks so much again to everyone at FF who put their trust in me and painstakingly explained everything to me, you’ve been fabulous mentors and I hope to work with you all again soon!"

Jess WilsonProject Coordinator

I’m coming to the end of my summer placement as Project Coordinator at Future Foundations, and what a whirlwind it’s been. Although I’ve only ever met most of my colleagues via video conferencing, everyone has been so sweet and welcoming…and super patient with any mishaps! I’ve been lucky enough to work across lots of FF projects: the GSL Festival, Global Goals Competition, Dirt Is Good Schools Programme, AWS GetIT programme, as well as school programmes at Townley Grammar and Alleyn’s School. It’s been so much fun to never know what jobs are going to pop up next, and it’s meant that I’ve got to try my hand at all sorts of things.


I’ve loved the trust everyone at FF has placed in me to get things done in my own time and in my own way, and can’t thank everyone enough for the great opportunities. Whether I’ve tried it before or not, every time I’ve said I want to give something a go I’ve been met with nothing but support and great advice. As a result, I’m so proud to have written copy for the website, had my say in website design, phoned clients, written social media posts, moderated online events, an even written a Feel Good Friday newsletter! I’ve found that Future Foundations genuinely live up to their values; I’ve been given more responsibility than ever before, given space to stay authentic, encouraged to contribute my talents and pursue my passions, and I’ve certainly enjoyed the journey.

Getting COVID halfway through the summer was certainly not part of the plan. I tried to battle through my symptoms and lasted all of an hour before Amy told me I looked terrible and needed to log off (thank you, Amy!). Everyone was so kind in allowing me to put my health first and spend lots of time watching daytime TV, drinking Lemsip and feeling sorry for myself. I’m very pleased to be back…it turns out there is such a thing as too much Bargain Hunt.

A main aim of mine has always been to feel a sense of real purpose through work. I can’t get over how lucky I’ve been that my first experience of full-time work has been with an organisation that makes such a positive difference to the world. I welled up more than once when reading the Global Goals Competition entries, and while attending the GSL Festival! Making a good contribution has become more and more important to me as I’ve progressed with studying Political Science and International Relations at university – while I love my subject, it does tend to highlight the world’s issues. It’s therefore been all the more gratifying to be able to focus on countless examples of positivity, collaboration and problem-solving this summer, and I’m looking forward to staying part of the FF network and helping out in the future.