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On Friday the 4th July 2014 , Future Foundations delivered a smashing Higher Education aspiration day with Wimbledon Schools Partnerships.

The Wimbledon Schools Partnership includes King’s College School, Coombe Boys’ and Girls’ Schools, Ricards Lodge, the Ursuline and Raynes Park High Schools, St Mark’s Church of England Academy and Grey Court School. A key feature of its work is the Aspirations Project, in which pupils are selected each year to experience a three‐year programme of inspirational sessions which culminate in a Preparing for University Day in Year 12. Students must be academically able and the children of parents who have not been in Higher Education. The sessions include classes taught by King’s staff and a range of educational excursions, including university visits. In the spring term, Year 11 students on the project attend weekly GCSE revision classes taught by King’s staff.


Future Foundations have been working with King’s College School for a number of year and were thrilled to have the opportunity to carry on the work that they have been doing – it was a fantastic success!

The programme was Course Directed by Andy Dunn, Assistant Course Directed by Ella Simms and our Future Foundations coaches are Simone Vincenzi, Laurence Greiner, Wendi Lowe and Jakub Goscinny.

“Everyone in Year 12 should consider going to FF when in doubt of whether to go to uni or not”

~ Participant

“Today has been epic. The only thing that could make it better would be ice cream. And then it would be up there as one of the best days of my life, along with getting married and having my children!”

~ Teacher from Raynes Park

“It has taught me to become more confident in life in general and to not be a passenger, and to try my hardest to reach my full potential”

~ Participant

90% of students rated the programme 4 or higher out of 5

99% are committed to living the FF principles after the programme

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