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Global Social Leaders Podcast Launch

By April 9, 2020Front Page, News

Last Friday 3rd of April, we launched the first ever GSL podcast!

We have been quietly working on this project for a while now. Hundreds of amazing initiatives are currently being led by GSL changemakers around the world. This podcast has been designed to give you the ability to access them, and be inspired by them, on a regular basis.

We want to give a huge shout out and special thanks to Jack and Climate Justice Revolution (CJR) from Worle Community School for giving us an insightful perspective on what its like to be a young climate activist in Bristol, the UK’s greenest city.

Climate Justice Revolution are a team participating in the 2019-20 GSL Global Goals Competition. You can find out more about their project by reading their blog.

“Global Social Leaders is a way of making young people’s dreams a reality. When I say dreams, I mean positive, realistic dreams that will help other people. It is about helping everyone around you.”


“My main motivation to join the Global Social Leaders movement was when I attended a GSL Inspire event at Wellington College last summer. Hearing about everyone’s projects and seeing how so many people had made such a change was what inspired me to join the competition this year.”

“We’re looking into solar energy and installing an electric car charging point. We tried to look at everything, not just from a student’s perspective but from a staff perspective as well.”

“I’m still not the most confident, but as you take more of a leadership role it definitely helps you to develop as a person.”

“In five years, hopefully I’d be attending university. After my first three years I’d like to acquire a teaching degree and teach in primary schools, because I want to be able to inspire students from a young age. They have a voice, and their voice should be recognised.”

“It was an amazing event to attend. It is a very hard feeling to explain but it gives you a sense of unity, to know that all 30,000 people stood around you all believe the same thing as you.”

“It was amazing to hear Greta speak. Anyone who has ever watched her will know that her speeches are very inspirational and quite moving at times – and that was definitely one. To experience it in person, was more moving than it would usually be.”


“You’re not alone when you’re trying to fight something and bring a cause to light.”

“When you’re trying to start a project like the club that I run, and if you’re in a school, it is important that you speak to a member of staff who you know will support your cause and really help to bring it to the forefront.”

“Do what you can is the main point I’m trying to get across. Even if you can’t join in our campaign, make a difference to your own lifestyle. It’s going to take a lot of people to make a big change, but if everyone makes one small change, it will pool into a bigger one.”

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