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Back to 7 months ago, there were announcements about going aboard: Japan, German, China, Singapore and England. Most of them were the exchange programme, but there was only one I was interested in: GSL, the unknown program on England. About 5 months later, I was on the plane and thinking that this is the heaviest programme because there were only two of us, no teacher, we can’t speak English properly, are far away from home, 7 hours of time difference, etc. Surprisingly, I can survive! Moreover, I got so many things from this programme.

Language was my main problem. Firstly I tried to understand what people were saying and to talk with simple sentences. I found that it’s so hard to understand several style of talking. Result? I got the ability to listen and talk whether it’s the wrong grammar but at least people can understand me. So now, I can watch movies in English which is more emotional watching and show to my friends that I can understand what they are talking about. Continuously, I still train myself to listen on YouTube and try to remember “hard-to-remember” words.

Your style of living in the UK differs from Thai does so much: talking to older people, studying, asking some questions, eating and MANIACS, the greatest idea of starting your morning! When I was there, I watched what you did with things and copied it, and then I realised that it’s good to do like this (except non-chilies food), so I do the asking part now. In the beginning, my friends used to stare at me. A week later, they tried to do the same thing. Finally, we asked so many questions that my teacher said that we can’t learn all of lesson in time so we have to ask him/her after the class! Unfortunately, I can’t use the maniac in my school because of hot weather and less time to sleep.

Travelling to Europe is so expensive, so we tried to make it the most efficient: walking around Oxford (we got only half of it), taking photos of famous places, shopping for cool stuffs. I noticed the transportation of the London the most: complicated underground trains, big red buses which made the car to move smoothly without traffic jams like in Bangkok, so I think that it might be good if there are supporting on public transportation and reduce private transportation.

Back to the GSL part, so many activities which you made for us; such tasks working as a team, brainstorming, planning, doing something small, dealing with something bigger, researching, measuring progress and presenting. Sure, I got everything and by using to my friends. My works are better and working with my friends is easier than before. Especially, presentation. I did it more confidently, louder, with a better accent and better management also by copying your presenting style; in addition, I have just gotten FULL score of seminar presentation on topic of barcode.

The most important things is friends. Because we were coming from different countries so we rarely knew each other (except friends from same country), we tried to talk and play with each other. Talking in so many topics, mainly about our countries, got us to understand the differences of culture, and by no reason, we become friend.

Thank you GSL for giving me unforgettable experience and the greatest friends around the world. Staying connected…