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It’s hard to transcribe an experience as complex and dynamic as GSL, one that spanned over two weeks, into just one document. It was an experience that words will not do justice to. The journey of GSL is one of constant ups, right from the not-so-horrible flight to London, to the closing montage.

One of the most important things I took away from GSL was the ability to realise that an individual I can make a change and a difference if I want to. All the inspiring speaking helped me come to this realisation and so did the coaches. Moreover, all the activities, especially the special topics, enabled me to realise the tools I could use to help make this change.

Another important factor in my GSL journey was meeting all the new people; not only the other participants but also the entire GSL crew. I think the 2 weeks could not have been memorable without each of them and I know that I’ve made friends and memories to last me a lifetime. Moreover, it’s comforting knowing that I have a place to crash at in 6 more countries.

Moreover, GSL not only gave me new friends but also instilled in me skills I didn’t previously posses. Personally, the biggest skill I took away from GSL was that of team-working. I came to GSL as a person who believed that being a successful teammate was all about personal contribution but left GSL realising that although it was about personal contribution, it was also about making everyone else in the team contribute too and ensuring the involvement of everyone. A quote spoken by by Alex still sticks in my head, “For some people stepping down is a form of stepping up.” I try and use this skill everyday now, trying to involve people who are hesitant to speak up.

One other key thing I took away from GSL was said by one of the special topic speakers, “What would be different in life if you weren’t in it?” This quote constantly pops up in my head and helps me think of ways that I could make a difference in my world.

I would moreover like to thank GSL for helping me decide my future career path in medicine as during the Passion VS Career day I realised the importance of following ones passion and how life couldn’t possible be satisfying if one didn’t do just that.

Thank you!