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I feel that it has been ages since i came back! i Can’t tell how much I miss all the GSLer and Wellington College. I miss my coach Amy and our group 4 best! Also all the other coaches and friends I made there. Still don’t have the courage to see the photos I took in Wellington College, that would tear me down definitely. Hope all of us can gather at Wellington College again and have another amazing 12 days programme! The memories will always stay in my heart deeply.

My life now is pretty awesome. Extremely busy with my school work but I enjoy it, I have found myself becoming more and more confident, not only in presentations, but also when I’m communicating with strangers, I’m really happy with that 🙂

For my social action programme, I’ve set up a blog with Lavender; at first we want to set up a website, but my friends told me that it is very hard and may cost a lot, so we decide to begin with a blog.  The blog is mainly about our social activities and about our programme, the cultural differences from our point of view and everything we think that will help other students who also want to apply for universities abroad. Now we already have 2 articles on it, and 2 for translating it in English.

As I was confused about my future and life recently, I planned to do research around my community, to ask people about their dreams. At first I asked some of my friends, and to my surprise, a lot of them don’t have dreams at all, lots of them told me they want to have lots of money in the future, which I regard as nothing related to dreams. So I want to write an essay about this topic. After talking to my parents and reading many books, it is now clear to me that I still want to study architecture in the university and I want to travel around the world after I have earned enough money. I also want to make a website or a public page like inspiring words, to put some photos I took along my journey and writing some sentences to inspire the teenagers who are confused about life or have lost their way during some particular time like me. That’s basically my dream, what is your dream? What things do you think are worth you spending your life working hard on it? If there is a chance that you can live your life again, would you choose your dream or the life you have now?