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Global Social Leaders is back for 2015 and will be commencing in under 2 weeks time! On 10th August we throw open the doors of Wellington College in Berkshire to 70 participants from around the world, for a truly international experience that is set to have a phenomenal impact on them, their schools and wider communities.

Young people are travelling from far and wide, with a greater number of nationalities due to be represented at this years’ programme than ever before. We look forward to welcoming Canadians, Indian, Russians, Britains, Jordanians, Australians, Americas, French, Nepalese, South Sudanese, Latvian, Tanzanian, Kenya, Congolese, Chinese, Romanian, and South African delegations from 26 different schools.

Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership Institute are incredibly proud of the cultural diversity of Global Social Leaders and the opportunity this programme creates for young people to make deep connections with a  global network of young leaders.

Countries with students attending Global Social Leaders 2015

Global Social Leaders is a 2 week intensive residential programme focused on leadership and social action developed by Future Foundations and the Wellington Leadership Institute. Our participants will receive powerful leadership training, inspiring talks from influential people, organisations and businesses and unique opportunities to give back, so they can make real, tangible change in their community.

Our participants will realise that they can make a difference in this rapidly changing, globalised world, where significant issues may get overlooked by the latest celebrity news or sensationalised media coverage. This programme is a unique opportunity for each young person to share and be made aware of other global issues that they can make a difference to.

Ultimately this programme will give our young people the support, framework and toolkit of skills to instigate a social action project in the coming year. We hope that they will go on to inspire other young people in their school and become a leader of tomorrow. The residential will be a catalyst for social impact and in six months time our Global Social Leaders will have accomplished bold things!

Schools with students attending Global Social Leaders 2015



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