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On Tuesday August 25th Future Foundations travelled to Edinburgh to deliver Leadership training at George Watson’s College

This impactful one day programme was designed to develop the leadership skills and team work of 32 young people who have been elected as Office Bearers for the coming term.  The training helped to prepare them for a range of important responsibilities within the School, including the organisation of events, representing pupil views and acting as ambassadors for the School on various occasions throughout the year.

The programme was packed with a mix of experiential learning activities, workshops, feedback and reflection sessions. After lunch students undertook a bespoke Office Bearer challenge, which required to examine the schools’ strategic development and find creative solutions to key issues for the coming year – focusing on community action, service and nationalism.

The programme was Course Directed by experienced FF coach, Michael Fox.


Leadership and service are important themes aspects of a Watson's education. Our Office Bearers are appointed based on the votes of their peers and are expected to show leadership within their year group and within the wider Watson's community. It is an opportunity for them to serve the community from which they have benefited as they have gone through the School - and for them to hone their skills as they do so

Melvyn Roffe, Principal

George's Watson's College

The aims of the Office Bearer Training Day:

  • Facilitate the development of the Office Bearers’ listening skills, their awareness of their impact on others and understanding of a variety of styles of leadership.
  • Help the students learn what it means to lead themselves and other
    people, and to be a role model.
  • Develop the organisation, time management and team work of the
    students creating a group that works well and supports each other.
  • Challenge the students take ownership of their role and share their
    vision for leadership with confidence, passion and authenticity.
  • Inspire students to find innovative solutions to school issues
    establishing a culture of engaged, creative and proactive student
  • Launch them into their role as leaders of the school in a memorable

George Watson students showed themselves as super capable young individuals with a motivation to impact those in their school and wider community.

In the project planning in particular, an empathy was shown in the students to improve their school for their fellow pupils and to become more engaged in their community. It was particularly impressive when their careers teacher popped in for their project presentations, she was immediately inspired by one team's commitment in bringing in life lessons to the George Watson curriculum teaching pupils on life topics such as tax.

Michael Fox, Course Director and Coach

This a really engaging way to learn about leadership.

Pupil, George Watson's College

Today was a brilliant chance to share views with peers.

Pupil, George Watson's College

It opened my mind to what it means to lead, but also work in a team.

Pupil, George Watson's College

Student Feedback from Office Bearer Training

Students feel inspired to contribute more at school and/or local community


Students feel inspired to reach their full potential


Students feel they are a better leader than they were at the start of the programme



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