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On Monday 6th July 2015, Future Foundations headed to  St Crispins School, Wokingham to deliver Prefect Training for their student leadership team.

This half day programme involved 100 young people from across Year 10 and 12, St Crispins’ teachers and a small team of Future Foundations’ experienced facilitators. The exciting and impactful day combined experiential learning activities with a ‘Prefect Challenge’, designed to develop leadership skills and increase confidence, teamwork and communication. Through the programme students grow to understand that in order to be effective leaders of their school and make an impact on society, they must first learn to lead themselves. 

The programme was Course Directed by Simone Vincenzi and our Future Foundations coaches were Laura Ahnemann and Jay Surti.


Aims of the Prefect Training Programme

  • Facilitate the development of the students’ listening skills, awareness of their impact on others and styles of leadership.
  • Help the students learn what it means to lead themselves and other people, and to be a role model.
  • Develop the organisation, time management and team work of the students creating a group that works well and supports each other.
  • Challenge the students to take ownership of their role and share their vision for leadership with confidence, passion and authenticity.
  • Launch them into their role as leaders of the school in an impactful and memorable way.

The head coach (Simone) showed such great passion and charisma that it has inspired me to make the most of today. Thanks to this experience, I will approach life's challenges with greater confidence

Student, St Crispins

Enthusiastic, eye opening, engaging and inspiring. Thoroughly enjoyed it and hope there are more workshops like this in the future

Student, St Crispins

I had fun learning how to be a more confident speaker and learnt to put my ideas forward to a small group of people

Student, St Crispins

Simone Vincenzi

Course Director

Although we only had half a day with St Crispins students we ensured it was really varied with a mix of activities and challenges.

A highlight for me was the ‘Prefect Challenge’, a session designed to put skills into action. We asked the students to work in teams to create and present an exciting, innovative solution to a school issue. The themes they chose to tackle ranged from the payment system in the school’s cafeteria to the perceived lack of respect between year groups. It was really inspiring to see the participant’s getting fired-up about school issues. Their creative solutions and passionate pitches were a great indication of the strengths they will bring to the role of prefect and have hopefully left them excited about their potential to enact positive change at St Crispins.

In their feedback, 69% of students told us the day had inspired them to achieve their full potential as prefects.

– Simone Vincenzi, Course Director


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