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Future Foundations are excited to announce our membership of the Summer Camps Trust and full support for their mission to enable more young people to experience well-run residential programmes in the UK.

The Summer Camps Trust highlights the benefits that summer camps can have for young people and raises the profile of well-run residential summer camps in Britain so that more young people may benefit from these remarkable opportunities.

Here at Future Foundations we passionately believe in the power of residential experiences to transform young lives. We pride ourselves in creating safe and supported residential environments where participants in our training programmes are equally inspired and challenged to go beyond their comfort zone. We have seen time and again the remarkable personal growth and deep learning which occurs as a result.

Research has shown that time spent at residential camps has a profound influence on the development of young people and their attitudes to the world around them, as well as being a hugely enjoyable experience.

Our residential programmes include the Global Social Leaders World Summit, Global Social Leaders STEAM and Catalyst┬áprogrammes and Bright Futures, our higher education experience. We also deliver the National Citizen Service┬áto hundreds of young people across the East Midlands and are working with the NCS Trust to ensure that by 2020 half of the nation’s 16 year olds take part in this life-changing experience, which includes a one week residential.

The Summer Camps Trust is delighted to welcome Future Foundations into membership, and looks forward to having them on board and working together with the Trust and its other members towards enabling many more British young people to enjoy the many benefits of well-run residential summer camps.

Chris Green MBESummer Camps Trust Trustee

The Summer Camps Trust would like to hear from people who support its aims and could help to achieve them, by spreading the word about summer camps and the benefits they bring, by getting articles in the press or mentions on radio and TV, by donating money towards the appointment of a Development Officer, by getting MPs or opinion formers on board, by offering PR or fundraising skills, or just by telling as many people as possible about summer camps and how wonderful they are for children and young people.