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We are excited to announce Future Foundations’ partnership with Bright Field Consulting, an organisation which works with school leaders and students across the UK to develop a level self-knowledge that enables them to make more informed choices about their learning paths, training and career.

Bright Field’s facilitators use the Insights Discovery Evaluator tool, together with group coaching workshops to help participants understand crucial attributes of their personality, build on their natural strengths and identify areas for development.


Our Track Record:

In May 2015 Jon Harper, CEO of Future Foundations joined Ian Wigston of Bright Field to co-deliver a programme at Ursuline High School for Girls in Wimbledon. More than 50 young leaders from five schools in Merton took part in a two day workshop, during which they each received personalised reports on their Discovery Young Adult Profile. Each group of students also undertook a research project, the subjects covering a variety of topics including the cost of tardiness for lessons, feedback on lesson quality and support for Year 7 students.

Commenting on the programme, Ian Wigston said: “Julia Waters, the Principal of Ursuline, was responsible for procuring the funding for the programme and the outcomes surpassed her expectations. As well as giving each of the students valuable insights about their personality, the project work they undertook gave them the opportunity to put their learning about leadership into practice. Some of the project findings could have a significant impact on the way schools work with young people in the future.”


Future Foundations and Bright Field have a shared mission of helping young people to reach their full potential. By working together we hope to combine Bright Field’s expertise in personality profiling with Future Foundations’ reputation for delivering high impact, motivational youth programmes to offer schools training which is both engaging and highly insightful. Young people will develop a transferable toolkit of skills and self-knowledge and be given the confidence to achieve their educational and personal goals.


Jon Harper

CEO, Future Foundations

“We are excited about working with Bright Field to deliver school wide programmes that will benefit from our combined experience to create sustainable impact on school culture through work with both school leadership teams and with young people.”


Ian Wigston

Co-Founder of Bright Field

“There’s a natural synergy between Bright Field’s work with school leadership teams and Future Foundations’ expertise with young people. We’re in the process of developing some innovative programmes which build on our respective skills and which provides the schools we both work a joined up and impactful approach.”

To learn more about how Future Foundations and Bright Field can help your students get in touch through the ‘submit an enquiry’ page on our website.  Click here to visit Bright Field’s website.